STEM in The Kitchen With Kids

STEM in The Kitchen With Kids

Sometimes the best learning happens when you least expect it! Most parents may not know that STEM is the perfect opportunity to gets kids excited to learn. This engaging way of learning incorporates science, technology, engineering, and math -all great tools to allow children to explore new and creative ways to problem solve, innovate, create, and best of all, think outside the box. It enables them to question the world around them, allowing their curiosity to foster innovation!

Get Creative!

The kitchen is filed with opportunities to give children the creative confidence to learn in a meaningful and unique way! At I’m The Chef Too! we infuse STEM based concepts into recipes, so children are creating, inventing, designing, engineering, and questioning all through the world of cooking! These learning experiences include inquiry-based learning and problem solving as they bake their way through some of their favorite topics. They are able to explore our solar system by baking galactic donuts, step into the role of a mad scientist as they engineer and erupt volcano cakes while learning about chemical reactions! Or better yet, they can become a geologist to investigate the properties of rocks and gems through baking cupcake geodes. Parents can easily incorporate STEM into their own kitchen to make learning fun!

Infuse Educational Concepts!

Parents can easily demonstrate science concepts by using simple ingredients from their pantry. By having children touch the ingredients and question the states of matter, it lends itself to natural exploration. Adding a variety of ingredients and switching the order of them can foster open ended conversation physical and chemical reactions! Whether you want to freeze a smoothie to make a fun frozen treat or simply boil water and watch it turn to gas, both of these experiences are a great way to show how matter can change! Exploring different kitchen tools is another great way to get kid’s minds working! Show a variety of kitchen tools and ask them what are they used for and have them make guesses as to why they think that gadget it a good choice for the task they are working on. You will be surprised at what inferences they come up with! Ask your child to work with different supplies and ingredients such as toothpicks and marshmallows and allow them to build and engineer structures while you discuss stability and balance with your child. Try experimenting with baking soda and vinegar or adding yeast to make bread rise; what better way to learn than to play with your food? You can easily Insert math activities by sorting fruits and vegetables using different properties or by cutting them into different shapes! Classifying and sorting is a great foundation for mathematical thinking! Using measuring cups and spoons makes it easy to discuss fractions while mixing up tasty treats. Try adjusting your recipes and servings to challenge your kids in multiplication and division!

Not Sure Where To Start?

At I’m The Chef Too! we believe that blending food, STEM, and the arts into educational fun is not only engaging, but the perfect way to instill a love of cooking while learning! Our edible adventures take children on delicious journeys as they whip up delectable educational treats and then extend their experience through a variety of STEAM filled activities. Each kit includes all of the specialty supplies, dry ingredients, and activity guides to make and create! Remember, the kitchen doesn't just have to be a place for cooking, let it be the playground to learn about science, technology engineering, and math; the opportunities are endless and delicious!
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