Why Parents Are Choosing 'I'm The Chef Too!' – The Perfect Mix of Culinary Arts and STEM Learning

Have you ever dreamed of transforming your kitchen into a vibrant learning space where cooking and STEM education are seamlessly blended together? 'I'm The Chef Too!', founded by a dedicated teacher and mother, offers just that – an engaging collection of educational cooking kits that combine the joy of culinary creation with the excitement of science, technology, engineering, and math learning. See below our top 5 STEM cooking kits.

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Discover the 'I'm The Chef Too!' Top 5 STEM Cooking Kits

  • Embark on a cosmic adventure with the Galaxy Donut Kit. Ideal for budding astronomers, this kit lets you create galaxy-themed donuts while delving into space science and even calculating your weight on other planets. It's a sweet exploration of astronomy and mathematics, opening up a universe of learning with every bite.

  • Get ready for a thrilling geological and chemical journey with the Erupting Volcano Cakes Kit. Children will love baking and watching their own volcano cakes erupt, learning about the Earth's layers and chemical reactions in a fun and interactive way. It's a perfect blend of explosive learning and baking fun.

  • Set sail on a swashbuckling adventure with the Pirate Gummies Kit. Kids will create their own gummy treasures while learning about the fascinating world of chemistry and the engineering behind pirate ships. It’s a delicious journey into science and engineering, where every gummy is a treasure trove of knowledge.

  • Explore the rainforest with the Rainforest Sloth Donuts Kit. As kids bake adorable sloth-shaped donuts, they'll learn about this unique creature and its habitat. This kit marries the art of baking with environmental science, serving up a sweet taste of rainforest knowledge.

  • Animal enthusiasts will love the Pancake Pets Kit. This kit encourages children to create 3D pancake pets while learning about different animal species. It's an engaging way to combine biology with culinary arts, making every pancake a delightful learning experience.

Real Customer Experiences: Learning, Fun, and Delicious Outcomes

Why 'I'm The Chef Too!' is a Family Favorite

Educational and Entertaining

Each kit opens the door to hands-on learning, where kids not only cook but also grasp the science behind their creations.

Creating Lasting Memories

These kits offer a unique way for families to bond over both cooking and learning, turning every moment into a cherished memory.

Simple and Fun for All

With all ingredients pre-measured and instructions clear, these kits ensure that kitchen adventures are easy and enjoyable for kids and parents alike.

Join the Culinary Adventure

Looking for a unique, educational, and enjoyable activity for your family? 'I'm The Chef Too!' is the perfect choice. Get ready to cook, learn, and create – one extraordinary adventure at a time! For a limited time, enjoy 25% off any STEM cooking kit. Use code STEAM25 at checkout to embark on a culinary STEM adventure with your family.

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