Yay! You have been gifted a subscription, time to redeem it!

Read the FAQs below for complete details
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When adding the subscription the cart, click "Send as a gift."

How to activate your gift subscription

1. Find this email in your inbox and click “Redeem Your Gift”

2. Click “How to Redeem,” to see the steps:

3. Copy your gift code by clicking the copy button, then click start shopping

4. Click the correct subscription and click add to cart:

5. Go to your cart and paste the discount code if it has not automatically applied. Then click check out.

6. Enter the correct shipping address and the email you would like to receive notifications to. PLEASE check for correctness and completeness.

7. Select your shipping – please note that we only offer one type of shipping for subscriptions and do not offer expedited for shipping subscriptions.

8. Enter your credit card information and click process

Please note: You may cancel your subscription renewal at any time and it will not affect your prepaid boxes.

Need to order a subscription?

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Q: Can I apply more than one gift subscription code at checkout?

‍A: Yes, but they will not be able to ship to different addresses. Please only activate two at once if you would like them to go to the same address.

Q: My code isn't working at checkout, what gives?

‍A: Please reach out to our customer support at info@imthecheftoo.com..

Q: When I purchased this, it did not give me a place to enter a shipping address.

‍A: When your recipient receives the activation email, they will enter their own shipping address.

‍Q: Why do I need to enter my credit card if my gift card covers the entire purchase?

‍A: We're a subscription! Your credit card is necessary to continue beyond the initial transaction. If you find you don't want to continue, you may cancel at any time before your next renewal. Lastly, some states require us to collect and remit taxes based on where the kits are being shipped, so you may have to pay sales tax (gift cards are never charged sales tax).

‍Q: Will my subscription automatically renew?

‍A: Yes! Your gift card will apply towards your initial purchase, and then your subscription will renew at the end of the term you were gifted.

‍Q: Why haven't I received any boxes yet?

‍A: Either 1) your subscription has not yet been activated. 2) our subscriptions are a month behind. For example, if you order in February, the first box will be received in March.

‍Q: How do I cancel the renewal?

A: To cancel your active subscription, just follow these steps:

1. Login
2. Click "Manage Subscriptions"
3. Navigate to the "Subscriptions" tab
4. Select the Subscription you wish to manage
5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Cancel Subscription"
6. Go through the confirmation process

‍Q: My recipient has not received their activation email.

‍A: Please reach out to our customer support at hello@imthecheftoo.com.