I'm The Chef Too! Partners with WildBrain’s New Strawberry Shortcake Series

I'm The Chef Too! Partners with WildBrain’s New Strawberry Shortcake Series

I’m The Chef Too! Bakes Up A “Berry Sweet” Partnership with WildBrain’s New Strawberry Shortcake Animated YouTube Series

Columbia, Maryland - September 15, 2021

I’m The Chef Too!, an award-winning educational subscription company, has become the official sponsor of WildBrain’s original new animated series, Strawberry Shortcake, Berry in the Big City. This exciting partnership features an exclusive double episode-event on the official Strawberry Shortcake Channel on WildBrain Spark, YouTube and YouTube Kids Network. This nostalgic relaunch marks the beginning of a new era as Strawberry Shortcake and her friends move from their hometown, Strawberryland, to the bustling Big Apple City with a tasty goal: to start their own food shops!

I’m The Chef Too!’s partnership supports the launch of Berry in the Big City’s Influencer Program, as the STEM cooking kit conglomerate is aimed at instilling educational and edible fun for baking-loving families. Fittingly, I’m the Chef Too! has created a co-branded Berry in the Big City Baking Kit including a customized recipe of “Very Berry Bakery Bars” where kids can bake alongside Strawberry Shortcake and her friends. For this delicious cooking adventure, kids can design, create, and customize their very own green and pink chocolate bars, experimenting with a variety of dried fruit- each one representing Strawberry Shortcake’s friends. A history of how chocolate is made and a short lesson on how to design an eye-catching Strawberry Shortcake themed candy wrapper is infused throughout the experience. The limited kits will be rolled out to press and kid influencers this week.


“We are excited about our partnership with WildBrain. Their brand and content give girls the freedom to experiment and provides a safe space for them to play and problem solve. Experimentation is inherent to cooking, which is where our brand comes in and is a perfect match; creating an experience to be shared. What better way to make memories than for kids and families to work together to create delicious recipes in the kitchen?”

Families will enjoy making memories together, creating delicious recipes to the tune of a long-time favorite. The partnership between I’m The Chef Too! and WildBrain will continue through Spring 2022.

About I’m The Chef, Too!

I’m The Chef Too! is an award-winning monthly subscription company whose goal is to create meaningful learning experiences through the vessel of cooking. They infuse STEAM concepts into their adventure kits, allowing children to question, invent, engineer, and create through inquiry-based techniques and open-ended problem solving in the kitchen. Each kit includes a different fun filled adventure like Edible Erupting Volcano Cakes, Cupcake Geodes, Galaxy Donuts and more. Not only do these kits include all the dry pre-measured ingredients, and specialty supplies, but they also come with a STEAM activity to extend and enrich the learning experience.

Their adventure kits have been nationally recognized, featured in top publications such as US Weekly, Parents Magazine, Red Tricycle amongst others and have been awarded the Parent’s Choice Award, National Parenting Product Award, Creative Childs Magazine Creative Play Award and Product of the Year Award, as well as Family Choice Award.

About WildBrain

WildBrain is a global distributor of kids and family content to broadcasters, streaming platforms, on-demand services, and home entertainment companies and home to many timeless brands. They engage kids and families everywhere with great content across all media and are recognized globally for Peanuts, Teletubbies, Strawberry Shortcake, Caillou, Inspector Gadget, Johnny Test and Degrassi.

WildBrain Spark offers one of the largest networks of kids' channels on YouTube, garnering billions of views per month from over 150 million subscribers. They also license consumer products and location-based entertainment in every major territory for their own properties as well as for their clients and content partners.

Where To Find Berry In The Big City

Fans of Strawberry Shortcake can enjoy a sneak peek of Berry in the Big City today in the series trailer unveiled on the official channel, where new episodes will drop each Saturday following the premiere, through June 2022.

Watch the Strawberry Shortcake channels on WildBrain Spark! It will also air in Brazilian, French, German and Spanish.

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