Galaxy Donuts Featured in Oh Bite It!

Oh Bite It


Blast off into outer space and journey through a cosmic adventure of galaxies galore! Take a trip to the stars and create galaxy donuts and galactic glaze, calculate your weight on other planets, identify our constellations by making a constellation geoboard, and learn about the art of marbleization as you make galactic art paper! What’s really out there in the universe, billions of miles away…come with us to explore! Who We Are We are a team of educators, mothers and designers, whose goal is to create meaningful learning experiences through the vessel of cooking! We are passionate about infusing STEAM concepts into our adventure kits, allowing children to question, invent, engineer, and create through inquiry based techniques and open ended problem solving in the kitchen. We are always brainstorming to find the hottest topics that children love to learn about and then test them with the most important people of all, KIDS! We want to deliver an experience that builds creative confidence & blends food, STEM, and the arts into delicious fun. Our adventure kits have been nationally recognized, featured in top publications such as US Weekly, and have been awarded the Parent’s Choice Award, National Parenting Product Award and Family Choice Award. Come join us and have FUN on these educational delicious adventures!
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