Virtual Birthday Party Fun With I'm The Chef, Too!

Virtual Birthday Party Fun With I'm The Chef, Too!

Originally posted on Macaroni Kid
on August 8, 2020

When a global pandemic hits, you have to get creative and find new ways to celebrate birthdays. This has been on my mind for the last few months leading up to my daughter's birthday because it is one of the things she looks forward to every year. We always make time for extra special fun with friends and family. Now that she is in elementary school, it's more important than ever for her to connect and celebrate with friends. I was stumped on how to make this happen until I found out that I'm The Chef, Too hosts virtual birthday parties.

The idea that my daughter could connect with her friends and bake cupcakes together virtually was the perfect solution to make her birthday special this year. I gave some ideas of things my daughter was interested in and I'm The Chef, Too came up with a terrifically themed party. Normally, I am stressing over every little detail to plan and execute her birthday party, but this year things were so much easier. I'm The Chef, Too put everything together from start to finish. We talked about the theme and agreed on what it would be. All I needed to provide was a number of kits needed and addresses and they took care of the rest. In full disclosure, I'm The Chef, Too will deliver the kits to your party guests, but I requested to deliver the kits myself. Since we haven't been out much, I thought my daughter would enjoy the porch drop off and waving to her friends. I'm The Chef, Too was happy to accommodate my request.

We picked up the kits and the care taken to put each one together with individual ingredients was fantastic. The packaging was beautiful and a personalized invitation was placed inside. It was just another detail and touch to customize the kits. The presentation was flawless. I'm The Chef, Too also sent a list of things to do before the party, such as preheat the oven, kitchen utensils to have ready, a couple fresh ingredients needed and the link to the party. I was able to pass that along to the guests. This made it so much easier and no one had to run and go rummage for something during the party.

The party began and each of the girls were able to combine ingredients together to make their own cupcakes. While they were baking they had supplies to decorate already made cupcakes to go with the theme of the party. They really thought of everything! I wasn't even thinking they would need something to do while the cupcakes were in the oven. From icing to fondant to sprinkles and more they had each tiny piece to make the perfect cupcake. I'm The Chef, Too talked them through each part of the process and demonstrated as well. In addition, they each had a recipe card to follow along if they needed that visual. With technology being what it is, it's great to have that recipe as a back up plan so that no matter what happens, the party can keep moving.

The girls were completely focused and engaged in their baking and decorating. I couldn't believe how quiet they were! They were all very intent on following directions and creating their themed cupcakes. Each cupcake turned out so well and the girls were so proud of their creations. I have to say I was very impressed with what they were able to do. All of the girls enjoyed the party and I know it is a birthday party my daughter will never forget. Thank you, I'm The Chef, Too for making our daughter's birthday so special and brightening her day!

If you aren't familiar with I'm The Chef, Too now is the time to check them out. Offering classes, camps, STEAM "Choose Your Own Adventure" Kits, and birthday parties there is something for everyone!

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